ESP model SSS-903 is a gas detector designed to detect combustible and toxic gases. The SSS-903 detector can operate with the following sensors:

  • Electrochemical
  • Infrared
  • Photoionization
  • Catalytic

The detector is explosion proof certified, which allows it to be used in the harshest environments. The SSS 903 is certified by international accreditation agencies for SIL-2 rating.




Transmitter SSS is the universal one-channel threshold unit intended for visualization of gas signals values receiving from plug-in gas transducers. Transmitter SSS has following output signals: 3 threshold relays and 1 “fault” relay, digital output (RS-485) and analog output 4-20 mA. Any HART-communicator device can be connected to Transmitter SSS via standard HART-connector for readout gas concentration values, threshold changing, zero set-up and sensitivity calibration in a field conditions.

Universal Gas Transducer PGU consists of PGU module and plug-in sensors either electrochemical, infrared or photoionization. PGU has integrated flash memory with adjust settings, which are read automatically when connecting to Transmitter SSS.

Communication with Transmitter SSS is carried out by means of digital output RS-485. PGU sensor is fitted out by special protective filter providing the additional protection from dust and high ambient humidity.

Transmitter SSS body is made from stainless steel SS 316 or aluminum mark and has explosion protection IP66 and intrinsically safe barrier level.

Features and benefits

  • 3-colored status detector indicator;
  • 3 LED threshold response diodes
  • Calibrator indicator
  • Multifunctional display with indication of:
    • gas type
    • measuring units
    • fixed thresholds
    • graphic diagram of detector operation during last 30 minutes
  • Calibration, "zero" set up and maintenance of the device without  dismantling in a field conditions (by means of HART-communicator or magnetic switch)
  • “Remote sensor” option
  • Real-time function
  • History record
  • Display illumination function

Field of Application

  • Drilling and production platforms
  • Refineries, bulk terminals and tank farms
  • Compressor stations and pipeline facility
  • Petrochemical, paint and fertilizer plants
  • Fuel loading facilities
  • Boiler stations
  • Transportation facilities
  • Residential areas